Rouse Hill

The challenge was to create authenticity in a planned regional centre—and to avoid using one particular moment in history to define the place. The location of the development lay north west of Sydney. Advanced Narrative took this as a starting point. What stories and geographies pointed northwest? The result was a rich identity, one that spoke of a landscape that beckoned people to journey to this region, seek wholeness of vision, pay their dues and learn more. This authentic identity is being used to attract business and residents to the region. It says, ‘this is the sort of people you are when you chose to live and work here’.

The relationship between flowing water, stone and marsh evokes the northwest hydraulic pulse of the region and embodies values of distribution.

Aboriginal peoples walked the ridges to reach sacred sites. European climbed to gain a better understanding of the terrain. There is the sense of independent spirit, a desire to resist old definitions, see clearly and start life anew.

This is the story of mapping people onto landscape. It encompasses the values of order, craftsmanship and engineering.